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Key witness journal

Over the years the Journal's author Machiela has held a fascination for all those anonymous shadows that are left behind on the walls of a house. The untold stories, the laughter, tears, political rants, success or failures experienced! It was not the mundane running of a household that held any sort of fascination for Machiela, but the bigger picture; events that have had a profound influence on their life and way of thinking!

After thinking things through Machiela concluded there remains a void to a house that needs something in which to complete an animated vision of its past; by way of the Key Witness Journal the present and future residents of a house could achieve this by translating that energy into a collaborative art project.

Obviously, to realize its full potential there would have to be a proviso that the Key Witness Journal is to remain with the house. This allows all future residents to express or illustrate their chapter of the Journal, giving a much greater insight to the thoughts, humour and creative side of the shadows they leave behind on the walls of the house!

Hopefully the 'Jewel in the Crown' for each house will be the Key Witness Journal that holds the handcrafted work of art made entirely by its residents, to be read, enjoyed and certainly valued by residents in the far distant future!

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